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In our big villa (almost 400 sq.) we have reserved the top level to host our guests in two nice big bedrooms whit an suite bathroom with shower and a private living room where to have breakfast or hit up a quick dinner (microwave and water boiler available).

We also have two other bedrooms (single and double) with private entrance that could become a family room: This rooms have a private kitchen. This is a perfect solution for travelling families.

Our Villa is in a residential (villas) quite and green suburb of Milan with playgrounds and groucery store at walking distance. Parking available in street.



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Average Daily Rates:
Single Room Euro MIN: 55.00 / MAX: 78.00

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Languages spoken at the reception :
Italiano, Inglese, Spagnolo,

Structure type :
  • Bed & Breakfast

Pets not allowed

Features :
  • Servizi Comuni
  • Wifi (gratis)
  • Servizi camera
  • TV
  • Riscaldamento
  • Phon
  • Frigorifero
  • Air Conditioning
  • Angolo cottura

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